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I just want to Text him and ask him what did he really feel when I went to Kansas? That’s all I want to know. I dot know if I should because I feel like I’ll bother him.

I just wish he still had that great communication with me. It gets me pissed off when he doesn’t talk to me but he goes likening every picture of me on Facebook and pictures that I am tagged on. It’s like he thinks that’ll make up for not talking to me. It doesn’t. I need him right now. When I found out my grandfather has Alzheimer’s my biggest fear became that I am scared that the people that I love the most will forget me. The three person I am mainly concern about forgetting me is my grandfather, my grandmother and him. Why? Because of the distance. He has done a pretty good job making my fear even bigger. I think that’s why I feel lonely and forgotten because one of the persons that I love the most has forgotten me already.

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