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Ask me anything   Hi, I am Beki. (: Over all I try to live my life the best way possible. I live to accomplish my dreams and goals in life with a positive mind and with the help of my family and friends supporting me. I am just here to blog about what is on my mind, what interest me & grabs my attention. Feel free to follow back! Enjoy!(:<3


It’s been two days in a row that I’ve been able to have a conversation with my babe. It’s made me jelly(: I know though that I won’t be able to speak to him this weekend because he is going to be working 14 hour shift and I am going to be working my usual 8 hours :( its okay. Why? Because we are going to have a Skype date next week and I am ubberly excited about it! I told him I want to look extra cute just for him even though our date will be cyberly. He thought that was cute(:
We are going to get to talk about when he is coming over here during summer and when am I gonna go over there. That shall be exciting because I’ll get to put a date I can look forward to!
One thing I’ve learned since Ricardo and I started this LDR is that it’s the little things that matter in life and that make a change in your life

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I got to have a conversation with Ricardo. I think he noticed that I have been feeling upset lately, so he started right away with,”Hey babe, how are you? What have you’ve been up to this time that we haven’t been really talking?” Just him saying that made me feel a whole lot better. I got to tell him how upset I’ve been lately and how I haven’t been feeling happy for a while even before I went to Kansas. Like always he was there to calm me down. BUT he confused me a bit. He says that I should stay in Arizona until I finish my Bachelors and then move to Kansas but every time we talk about how hard it is to be living under my parents roof he says to just wait a year. What does he mean by that? A year to move out to an apartment or with him? I don’t know something to think and bring up in a conversation

Oh and I have decided that I am going to tell my dad about him. My mom has known about Ricardo since I was 12 and my dad has met him once but never really thought anything about it apart from “he is just a friend that she met at Mexico”. My dad told me about two weeks ago that he wants to know more about my life and wants to get closer to me so I am going to tell him about Ricardo so he’ll know that I want them same. Ricardo is a bit scared because he doesn’t want it to back fire at me but I think it wont. I am trying to keep positive about this. (:

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‎#<( ‘-’< ) I was going to give you this Valentine’s waffle ( >’-’ )># but then I was like ( >’#’< ) I’m hungry ( >’-‘< ) so I ate it.

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