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Ask me anything   Hi, I am Beki. (: Over all I try to live my life the best way possible. I live to accomplish my dreams and goals in life with a positive mind and with the help of my family and friends supporting me. I am just here to blog about what is on my mind, what interest me & grabs my attention. Feel free to follow back! Enjoy!(:<3


So I’ve been awake since 8AM because I saw a lovely text from my boyfriend and I haven’t been able to get up from bed. My eyes feel so heavy right now and I feel like my body is weak for some odd reason. I just want to be in my bed all day but I know I can’t because I have work at 3PM -__- did I mention that I want a bomb ass breakfast BUT with that I would have to get out of my bed. Man life is tough! Ha

— 2 years ago
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